Ulta Care Package

The Ulta Care Package program is an experience I designed for the Ulta app that allows users to send skin care packages to front line healthcare workers during COVID-19. This project was inspired by the images I saw of healthcare workers having skin damage as a result of wearing PPE for extensive hours while fighting COVID. As a skincare junkie, I wanted to find a solution to both help front line workers' skin and connect the beauty community during the uncertain times of COVID.


1 week


Allison (myself)


Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop, Invision


People want to help during COVID, but fear physically volunteering

I found that there was a strong desire to help frontline workers who were fighting COVID, but people feared putting themselves at risk by physically volunteering. How might I offer a way to help these workers, while also allowing users to feel safe?


To create a volunteer program in the Ulta app that allows users to send skincare packages to frontline workers.

I created a solution that matches Ulta users to a healthcare workers. Once the match is made, Ulta users can design a skincare package that best suits the healthcare workers skin needs. This allows for Ulta users to safely help those that are fighting COVID.


Due to the restrictions set in place to stop the spread of COVID, Ulta was forced to close all brick and mortar store spaces. However, a large majority of Ulta's sales are conducted through the Ulta app.  

Why Ulta? Ulta is unique because it carries both prestigious and drug store brand beauty products. In addition, Ulta maintains strong customer loyalty thanks to it's generous rewards program. When I spoke with Ulta users, many expressed that they only purchase beauty products from Ulta so that they can recieve loyalty points.

I started by speaking with Ulta beauty members to understand their desires and fears. I spoke with friends, Reddit users, and users through the Ulta app. I learned that they had a strong desire to help frontline workers, but feared volunteering physically during COVID. 


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I conducted 12 interviews with Ulta users and 4 interviews with healthcare workers. My goal was to understand the role that skincare and helping other plays in their lives, as well as to identify potential pain points.Some questions included:

  • What beauty apps do you currently use?

  • Why do you use those apps?

  • How much time do you spend on beauty apps?

  • How connected to the beauty community do you feel during COVID?

  • What feelings have you experienced during COVID?

After conducting my interviews, I was able to conduct affinity mapping, and determine three key insights:

  1. It is difficult to find ways to volunteer or help during COVID- a majority of people responded that they had a desire to help, but felt unsafe physically volunteering during a pandemic.

  2. Users are highly active on beauty apps, and use them to connect with the beauty community- respondents noted using beauty apps even more during COVID, and trusted the app for reviews by other beauty users.

  3. A sense of support and community is highly desirable- all respondents said they felt sad, down, and anxious during the pandemic. Many noted feeling lonely, and desired to connect with others.


Meet Sam. Sam embodies my target Ulta user. Sam is a highly active Ulta user, and uses the app to shop and read beauty product reviews from other users. She has been looking for a way to give back to those fighting covid.

Frame 17.png
Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 6.56.19 PM.png

Meet Brie. Brie represents the target healthcare worker. She is an ER nurse working almost 80 hours a week- wearing personal protective equipment the entire time. 

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I wanted to focus on designing clear paths for both the Ulta user and healthcare worker. I mapped out a flow to identify key touch points for both parties when using the experience to either send or receive a care package. 

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I integrated the care package exchange feature in the existing Ulta app. I prototyped the feature where users sign up to either send or receive a package. Those that are sending packages "meet their match" then put together a customizable package based on their matches skin type.

Send a package

The first step for an Ulta user is to enter basic information.


Recieve a package

The first step for a healthcare worker is to enter basic information, as well as worker verification. I included this so that users can feel confident that those receiving packages were verified workers. Workers also enter their skin type so that products chosen for their package match their needs


Meet your match

Ulta users are given a health care worker match. Users then pick out items for the care package. I wanted the process to be fun and personalized, so I decided to make the pacakge customizable. 


Connect with your match

Users are offered the option to add a personalized note in the package. I added this option so that users can connect with their match on a deeper level. During the uncertain and anxious times of COVID-19, connecting with people around the world can bring comfort and a sense of community. I wanted to allow users to express their gratitude and support for those that are working on the frontlines.